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Tension-Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) is a trauma or tension release practice that you can easily learn from a certified practitioner like me. You can incorporate TRE into your life and do the practice on your own and it will change your life profoundly.

We all need this work, no matter what our past life's (or lives') experience has been.  TRE is a simple, but powerful, way to release our accumulated tension, stress and trauma. And you don't have to relive trauma to release it.

Developed by Dr. David Berceli (traumaprevention.com) over the past 25 years, TRE is a simple way to help your organism remember how to release the tension, stress and trauma that has been, and continues to be, stored in your nervous system over your lifetime. The body accomplishes this release by deep muscular tremoring or shaking.

This tremor is an innate mammalian instinct that that has been passed down in our DNA for millions of years. Wild mammals still do this tremoring to release tension (after being chased by a predator and escaping, for eg.) So do many mothers after giving birth. Some indigenous tribes tremor or shake in their healing ceremonies. The Shakers shook, so did the Quakers.

Most humans, unfortunately, decided over the last few thousands of years that it wasn't "civilized" to tremor.  "Stiff upper lip" and all. So we forgot how to let go of our tension, trauma and stress in our natural way. And this holding on to our tension, stress and trauma, and storing it in our bodies is shortening our life and can drain much of the joy from it.

There are six exercises that I teach people that will fatigue and stretch certain muscles of the body (muscles that have been involved in the organism's experiencing and holding tension, stress and trauma over the years.) These simple exercises easily bring on this innate tremor that moves through the body in various ways and in a particularly unique way for each of us.

As you tremor and release the accumulated tension, stress and trauma you've experienced (which we all have experienced and continue to each day), your nervous system begins to rewire itself. This starts to happen immediately. So you create new neuronal pathways that reorient you to respond to life experiences (and memories) with relaxation and mindfulness and resilience.

It usually takes 3-4 sessions to learn the exercises, get comfortable with the tremoring process and allow the trainer time to witness the student's process and feel comfortable that he or she can do it on their own. Once your organism remembers the tremoring mechanism (after 3-10 sessions on your own), you can tremor without doing the exercises.  You can just lie down on a yoga mat with your feet on the ground and knees up and begin to tremor.

So tremoring can become a simple. and amazing, 10-20 minute practice that can be done 2-5 times a week. This practice is amazingly life changing, and fun.

Some of the reported benefits of this practice (from www.traumaprevention.com):

- Less Worry & Anxiety
- Reduces Symptoms of PTSD
- More Energy & Endurance
- Improved Relationships
- Less Workplace Stress
- Better Sleep
- Reduced Muscle & Back Pain
- Increased Flexibility
- Greater Emotional Resiliency
- Decreases Symptoms of Vicarious Trauma
- Healing of Old Injuries
- Lessened Anxiety surrounding Serious Illness
- Relief from Chronic Medical Conditions

These exercises have been invaluable for me personally. And those learning them are having rich, relaxing and healing experiences. I HIGHLY recommend them to you.

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