I want to first start out by saying thank you Gary, your gifts are honored and treasured, and this world is a better place because of your contributions. Our work began in 2010 and has unfolded in such a kind and gentle way.

In the beginning of our work I was facing some very old wounds and traumas that had occurred in my childhood. Gary’s sweet nature helped me to face these areas of my life that previously I had been unable to explore. He held time and space for me to travel into my past and reclaim the links to my ancestry.

This work is so important because it allows a person to access the seen, but also the hidden parts of oneself. This is the sacred place where healing takes place and this is what Gary facilitates. He guides his client on a journey toward self-healing.

Through this healing process I was able to see how my lineage is mending and how that in turn will impact my children and my grandchildren and so on! I recognized patterns with my low self-esteem and through our work this pattern has shifted into an acceptance of my shortcomings instead of a war against me.

Gary’s multi-modality healing abilities use a fresh approach to dealing with heavy content that can carry old psychological ties. He is a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical advocate for health and does his job impeccably. The work we have done together has been invaluable to the unfolding of the dynamic woman I am today.

My gratitude for our shared experience is etched into my soul. This work is real, magical, and meaningful. Gary carries potent medicine in these uncertain times, and is a valuable conduit for the healing of our past and future generations. I am humbled by how beautiful our shared journey has been. Thank you!

- M.G. Louisville, KY

“Love you brother Gary, might not be here today without you. Keep sharing your magic, you just might save another life.” #truth -C.H., Charlestown, W. Va.

“Gary Heine is an intuitive, caring, and effective counselor. After working with Gary, I can honestly say that I understand and like myself more. He helped me embody this understanding and self-compassion.

The healing that Gary catalyzed wasn’t just an intellectual game; it extended into all aspects of my life—mind, body, emotion, career, and relationships. I am so grateful for the gift of therapy I received from Gary.” -K.H. Cupertino, California

“The third session with Gary was more subtle for me:  I felt like my senses were open and my heart was open to what was happening in my office.  Not that that doesn't happen, but that it was fairly consistent through all my appointments (even when I was feeling tired :).

I know that something has happened in my healing work: I seemed to have gone another step of trust in the process, that I believe I am capable to do  the work.

I would suggest that this confidence coincided with the  three  sessions we have done and also tinkering with my diet  (elimination of  wheat primarily).” 

– M.J., Louisville, KY

“Several days after Gary and my first session, all the aspects I released seemed to come up intensely for me.  It is my understanding that when that  happens it is a very powerful healing that can bring things to the  surface.

I knew not to engage in the feelings of Self sabotage that were coming up so I lovingly asked them to move on through and thanked them for their  benefit in my life but I no longer needed them.

By the end of the first week I was feeling much clearer and had sense of certainty to trust the direction of my heart's  guidance.

Going into our third session I had an internal buzz going that felt like excitement and a depth of confidence I have never  felt before. Within 24 hours of that session I felt much fatigue and numbness of any internal excitement. It really felt like my body was  detoxing, so I listened, rested, drank lots of  water and let it be -  again allowing it to move through. Today I feel  more energy & a little more excitement but have a sense to be gentle with myself as deep healing is still happening.

Also I am noticing the addictive part of me seems to have disappeared.  I want to say that in a whisper as that would be a miracle!!!  I'll keep you posted...."

– A.B., Louisville, KY

"There was spirit contact and the spirit was recognized … I'm grateful for Gary's specific suggestions, through Spirit, on how to seek guidance/wisdom from my ancestors and the recommendation to initiate an intentional meditative walk 3x/wk to remain attuned to my sacred path and the greater life force.

The reading transitioned very nicely from Gary's healing work - emphasizing the healing nature of both segments. Gary's voice was calm, soothing, and communicated reverence for both myself and Spirit. I appreciated his mentioning that my mother was present during the healing- it reinforced my belief that she and I are healing together though we currently exist in different realms." – A.S., North Olmsted, OH

"The information was filled with affirmations from spirit about things that have been coming up for me a lot lately. They were very powerful nudges about a significant transformation I am beginning. The messages were very accurate.  I appreciated Gary's suggestion to build an ancestor altar to communicate with the spirits who are with me. It is a concrete tool that I can use to deepen my contact with them.

I really liked the healing. In particular the questions that Gary asked of me before the healing took place. I found it very helpful and useful and allowed me to experience a self awareness that I previously hadn't. It was very powerful, actually." – C.T., Toronto, ON

"Gary was great! It was interesting - during the healing I could feel and see effects.  Also the wind outside increased and then settled when he finished. He was profound… I referred many to him!" – J.O., Tonawanda, NY

"About Gary I say, "WOW"! Thank you!" – K.O., New York, NY

Gary was able to shed light on my reasons for being held back in what I'm trying to achieve. He helped put it in perspective. Gary was very kind I could feel the deep desire to help others coming from him. He did a wonderful job!

My left side has been separated from my right to a large extent for the past few weeks. It started to converge with the right-side as soon as the work began. I have experienced congestion in the lungs and it has been better since the healing.

I was surprised that when Gary asked me to describe what I wanted healed, tears welled up when I used the word "loss".  I wasn't expecting that!  I could feel the area he was healing during the healing, and I also visualized the healing taking place.  I have a greater sense of why I'm holding myself back thanks to his reading, and am looking forward to doing some of the things he suggested.  Thank you, Gary! – R.K., Hamburg, NY

"I was going thru something at the time and didn't realize it until the healing that there was something there that I was helped in letting go of.  The healing came at just the right time and was very helpful.  Thank you so much. The experience was very beneficial and wonderful". – J.B., Kenmore, NY

Gary received confirmation from an older woman on my mother's side.  I did not see her but her words of wisdom were just what I needed to hear.  It was significant because I will now move forward to do great healings with their help.  It was a powerful reading.

The healing was very powerful and intertwined with the reading. I could feel the weight of Gary's hands on my shoulders and my feet tingled as I sat grounded to the earth. It caused me to reflect as to why I needed this healing. As Gary gently questioned what was happening during the initial healing it helped me to visualize what it looked like and then what I wanted it to look like. There was a beautiful analogy between the two healings. I feel great, uplifted and ready to "dance".

Gary has a very gentle and reassuring manner that immediately puts you at ease. The insights that he brought forth from my ancestors were very helpful for my own spiritual growth. His suggestions were healing and inspiring. – N.S., Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

Really enjoyed Gary's style of healing where he talked about what the physical issue looked like, felt like and what I wanted to change it to. The feeling which actually made it grow in intensity before it flattened out and dissipated.  There has been more and more relief from the stomach issue even after the healing finished – A.P., St. Catharines, ON

"I had a confirmation of the persecution issue currently being worked on to be released and the connection to my stomach issue. Loved the amount of goddess Energy that Gary talked about and brought through in his reading.  Also really liked the part of being able to change my life by taking on the responsibility for my ancestors and healing things for them and so also for me.

Gary had a wonderful confident style that flowed easily.

Gary talked about some of my challenges being connected to prior generations.  He could perceive a lineage from my mother's side who had experienced the same challenges.  His description of this challenge and support matched my mother well.  I was surprised to see the support going past my mother since I never knew her parents or grandparents. The topic was very relevant to my current life challenges.

I felt like Gary was reading from a very high realm.  He worked from his heart, with love and honor for the healing energies that worked with him.  He quickly zoned in to the relevant topics in my life and gently relayed messages from a loving and pure energy.  I will take to heart what he said.  I already feel a little lighter.

I thought it was interesting that Gary chose to work with the Reiki symbols during our healing session.  I have a great fondness and respect for the Reiki energy and found it easy to assimilate the healing.

I have been focusing on healing my knees for the past several years and have noticed slow but steady improvement.  Gary's healing pushed the healing into high gear and I feel more strength in both my knees. I can even go up and down stairs with alternating steps, without holding on to the railing!  I will continue to hold this healing energy and push for total healing. Thank you, Gary." – J.M., Exton, PA

"I started out wondering how someone could do a Reiki healing over the phone, and finished with such a wonderful sense of ...peace and clarity.  I truly felt a significant shift in my perception of the problem at hand.

I very much enjoyed my Healing with Gary.  He sounded very kind, and explained what he was doing as he went along, so I never felt adrift.  I felt a lot of caring and concern and kindness from him.  The healing in particular was just extremely meaningful to me." – G.R., Burr Ridge, IL

"I could not believe that I could feel healing from such a long distance.  I felt the touching of hands. I stated that I was having knee pain, felt pulsating, warmth and then the pulsating began stopping. First on the right knee [which had initial less pain] and then the left knee pulsating increased, then all ceased and the pain was less. Also saw a rainbow of lights cascading up and down my inner core like through my spine up to a level just below my eyes. An over-all sense of calm." – P.C., Fairport, NY

"Gary made good use of the energy to provide a healing release in my right lower back. He was able to talk me through the healing and set me at ease with the process. I accepted the energy and fully released my emotion/muscle/physical connection to the lower back.

My left hand had an energetic tingling after we were done. It was a great experience. Gary did an amazing job with the reading and healing." – C.P., Haverford, PA

"I liked Gary's emphasis on our ancestors and the links to them and suggestions on how to strengthen the connection.  I was also encouraged to ask them for help which is something I never have done. I plan on making them a bigger part of my daily meditation.

The tingling sensation I was experiencing on the soles of my feet seemed to 'jump' to my thighs as Gary was directing the energy to flow up into my legs.  I felt a strong connection with Gary during the healing.  

I found Gary's energy to be very giving and comforting.  He came across as very caring.  I liked how he mixed the messages he was getting with instructional information.  I learned a lot." – L.B., Gasport, NY