How I work

Tension-Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) are simple, yet powerful exercises that enable the human organism to release trauma, tension and stress through its innate mammalian tremoring, or shaking. Developed by David Berceli (, he and those he's trained work effectively with thousands around the world.

This work will teach you, usually in three or four sessions, how to safely and effectively begin to release a lifetime's worth of trauma, stress and tension from your overloaded nervous system. And as you do this, the nervous system will begin to rewire itself for relaxation, resilience and balance.

You don't have to re-experience trauma to release it. These exercises help your organism remember its ancient self-healing process, release stored tension and trauma and return to balance and health.

Cowry Shell Divination is an ancient African method of reminding people of the poetry of their lives. By casting of shells, coins, stones and other objects across a divining cloth that represents the world, a story unfolds starring you - your current and future path, your challenges, gifts and resources.  Your ancestors will come through with advice, guidance and healing to help you on your journey back to yourself.

It's time for you to have the life you want, isn't it? To live from a place where you're fully alive. Yes?

Reiki Energy Work is a healing technique that removes energetic blockages in the human energy system. This work is gentle, yet powerful, and allows the organism to return to an innate balance for natural flow and peak health.

Are you ready? Let's get started.

Contact me via email or via cell at 502-802-9803.  Sessions are available locally in Louisville, KY and long-distance (via phone or Skype) anywhere in the world.

Gary Heine