After nearly 20 years in the coffee business, Gary Heine, co-founder of Louisville’s Heine Brothers’ Coffee, and the non-profits Louisville Sustainabilty Forum, Breaking New Grounds, 15Thousand Farmers and Cooperative Coffees, continues a life-long passion exploring energetic and holistic health. About his transition from coffee to alternative health and wellness, “For many years, I was involved in powerful healing work at a community level both around the world in small, coffee-growing villages and here in Louisville. Whether that healing came from buying organic, fair-trade coffee from poor coffee farmers or starting local non-profits… I experienced the breathtaking yet quiet power of people taking small steps together, transforming their lives into more healthy ones.”

This work was magical to him. “I believe very much in life’s magic and that we can all experience it in our daily living. In fact, I believe we have an innate human need to live magical lives.”

Gary is interested in helping others achieve health and balance within themselves. “Our bodies are designed to be self-healing, to automatically regulate their thousands of internal processes and be able to adapt to challenges to keep us healthy,” he said. “These jobs get more difficult, however, because we’re exposed to so many toxins in the air we breathe, our water, soil and in the food we eat. We’re stressed and anxious and too afraid. How can we remove these obstacles to our well-being and return to more freedom and ease, to a life of purpose and grace, which is our birthright?”

There are several modalities he studied over the years that were particularly inspiring. “As a massage therapist, I began to learn how we humans can heal each other with the power of touch,” he explained. “I’m a Reiki master and love the simplicity and power of this hands-on healing work,” he said. “I was fortunate to learn past-life regression therapy from Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist who came to be one of the most well-known proponents of this intriguing therapy. Working with people using this work reminded me that there is much to life and the universe that is mysterious, and difficult to understand, yet it can change people’s lives in incredible ways.”

“I spent two years in medical school and experienced some of the strengths of the Western model of medicine,” Gary said. “And a three-year training in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy taught me so much about our innate ability to heal ourselves and how important it is that we witness that healing for each other.”

Malidoma Some, an African shaman now living in the U.S. to teach his tribe’s indigenous ways to the Western world, taught Gary cowry-shell divination. “These divinations, from roots thousands of years old yet so powerfully current today, remind people of the poetry of their lives, and empower them to take small steps to live with purpose, joy and gratitude.”

Gary studied coaching and counseling more deeply during a ten-month course at Interchange Counseling in San Francisco. He was invited back for a second year to be part of the leadership team for the workshop.

"The most inspiring thing to me is our ability to perfectly heal ourselves. Our energy field, our body, mind and spirit are intricate and sophisticated and powerful. But we're surrounded in this world with so many things that keep us off balance, that can keep us down, that we often need help to get back to ourselves, to our innate well-being. And yet there are many ways that we can return ourselves to this health and groundedness, to ease and grace in our lives. I'm grateful to be part of this return to magic!"