The world is filled with magic, we are.

But many things cause us to forget this magic in and around us. Way too much anxiety and fear in the world. Too many toxins in our air, water, soil and food! Old and outdated belief systems we created as children but keep holding on to out of habit. Particular emotional ways of being that helped us at one point in our lives but no longer serve us.

So how can we return to our natural state of healing, grace, clarity, abounding energy and service to the world? We need tools for this transformation:

• A simple way to start this journey is being grateful for our life every day.

• Another way is a regular mindfulness, or meditation, practice. Even 5-10 minutes a day works wonders.

• Skills for deepening our connection to our ancestors so they can help us

• Eating healthy food every day is another way we can restart our journey back to the magic.

I’m interested in helping people come back to a balance with themselves where they can, once again, self-heal, to remove old ways of being, toxins, tension and trauma from their body and energy field. So we can all lives lives we dream of, filled with joy and fun and service.

Are you ready?

I offer these healing modalities to inspire and empower your transformation:

Cowry Shell Divination is an ancient African method of reminding people of the poetry of their lives. Through the casting of shells, coins, stones and other objects on a divining cloth that represents the world, your ancestors will come through with advice, guidance and healing to help you on your journey back to yourself.

If you’re motivated to transform yourself and your life at this time, email or call me to set up a local (in Louisville, KY) or long-distance Skype session (anywhere in the world.)

What I love about Coaching is I get to help people uncover their desires for their life. Now, where ever you are is perfect. AND do you want something more or different in your life and relationships and sex and work and connection? Do you want to explore your purpose for being here, and how you can be of service to the world in a way that moves and engages you?

Many of us, I think, don't realize that it's even possible to live in a way that we get to decide what we want, how we want our life to be. We've been living a life that, perhaps, someone else wanted for us. Our families or this culture, we fit ourselves into a mold in many ways. But molds go both ways, you can step out of them. But, first, you have to be aware of the mold.

I know I was amazed to begin to be able to reconsider the life I created for myself when I was five or six and see how it actually fits on me, and the places it doesn't, as an adult. Where ever you are is perfect. AND it's a powerful human instinct to change and to explore our edges, to move, evolve, transform. I can be a guide for that powerful journey.

TRE (Tension-Trauma Release Exercises) are simple, yet powerful exercises that enable the human organism to release trauma, tension and stress with its innate mammalian tremoring, or shaking. Developed by David Berceli (, he and those he's trained work effectively with thousands around the world.

This work will teach you, usually in three-four sessions, how to safely and effectively begin to release a lifetime's worth of trauma, stress and tension from your overloaded nervous system. And as you do this, the nervous system will begin to rewire itself for relaxation,  resilience and balance.

You don't have to re-experience trauma to release it. These exercises help your organism remember its ancient self-healing process, release stored tension and trauma and return to balance and health.

Past Life Regression Work opens a doorway to our other lives. We can experience parts of these lives that still affect us in our current lives. We can finish “unfinished business” that still lingers and still affects us.

Reiki Energy Work is a healing technique that removes energetic blockages in the human energy system. This work is gentle, yet powerful and allows the organism to return to an innate balance for natural flow and peak health.

How can we remember life’s magic?

We are surrounded by this magic and yet how easy it is to forget. The magic of the Big Bang gave us birth. Yet it’s difficult to remember we’re made of starlight.

I’ve been blessed to experience some of this life's magic - from helping create connection and community locally and around the world in the coffee growing countries through Heine Brothers' Coffee to raising four incredible children to learning some of the nuances of drinking Chinese teas. From exploring the subtle worlds within and around us to bouncing down a snow-covered hill on a sled and laughing out loud! From learning how to grow my own garlic and cook with it to taking a sauna heated by a volcano outside a small village in Guatemala.

Embody magic. I'll remind you, please remind me. Thanks!

Gary Heine

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